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Phytotraditional Medicine And Health Economy Among The Kabiye Of Kara In The Northern Of Togo

This study aims to show the place of Phyto traditional medicine in the health economy and the absence of state policy to accompany its management and its economic organization. A survey was carried out among a sample of 160 Phyto traditional actors. The results obtained show that, the administrations of Phyto traditional care are not free and can therefore participate to the health economy by opening them up to the market economy. The determinants of the use of Phyto traditional care compared to modern medicine further explain that Phyto traditional medicine has its place in public health. In fact, the sale of phytomedicines to patients from different socio-professional categories represents a shortfall with the public authorities that it is possible to make up for by formalizing Phyto traditional practices.

Keywords: Phyto traditional medicine, Health economics

AuthorAtchalé ADI

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