Study and design of solar powered economical groundnut decorticating and separating machine in Eastern province of Rwanda


World is mostly concentrating on new inventions and running with updated technology. Farmers are back bone for every country in the world. Without farmer’s livelihood is difficult. Groundnuts is grown on a small scale by farmer. The major problem in groundnut production in country like Rwanda is the lack of groundnut processing machines available to farmers. In the beginning the peanuts were separated from its shells by the workers. The output from this method was very less and could not satisfy the market demand as it was very time-consuming process. Lack of groundnut processing machines at affordable cost, especially groundnut Sheller, is a major problem of groundnut production. The groundnut Sheller machines available in the market are large in size and costly and not suitable for domestic purpose. The machine is designed for locally sourced materials. The major parts of machine are Hopper, Crushing Chamber, Separating Chamber and Blower. This project is mainly about to remove the barriers while removing the groundnuts. In this rotational mechanism is used. With the help this instrument the time gap reduces from removing of groundnut from plant and also the labor required reduces. This project makes the farmer to work
easy and can save more time and investment. It is more efficient and can be available to all at minimum cost. With this mechanism the final outcome is nut from the shell. This work is dedicated to the designing of machine with more production capacity &operating on less power input like 1/2 HP than manual work. This machine will be helpful for the small and medium scale farmers as well as new star ups by investing less capital.

Keywords: Groundnut, Battery, Solar panel, Pulley & belt drives, Collector.

Author: BIMENYIMANA Jean Baptiste

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