Design of Solar Powered Air Conditioner in Rwanda

The development of renewable energy is one of the goals of our country, to reduce the environmental impacts caused by the increasing demand of energy in all sectors of modern life.  Air-conditioning is one of the major consumers of electrical energy in many parts of the world today. Air-conditioning systems in use are most often built around a vapor compression system driven by grid-electricity. However, most ways of generating the electricity today, as well as the refrigerants being used in traditional vapor compression systems, have negative impact on the environment. This project investigates the design of solar-powered air-conditioning system integrated with photovoltaic (PV) system which consists of PV panels, charge controller, inverter and batteries.
This air conditioning system can be used in regions without access to the national grid like in the Eastern Province where temperatures are high. The first step in this project is the cooling load calculations for the selected space to be cooled. The second step considers the availability of solar radiation, temperature of the location, geographical conditions and arrangement of PV system. Therefore, it is required to design the solar powered air-conditioner as per above parameters.

Keywords: photovoltaic, Rwanda, Solar

Author: NGABONZIZA David

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