Structural design of public swimming pool at University of Global Health Equity Butaro campus, Rwanda

Swimming pools have become an essential attachment to most habitable coastal construction such as hotels, condominiums and single family residences. A large swimming pool type structure may obstruct the free flow of flood water and increase the turbulence. This in turn may increase the scour potential and the wave/debris action on the building and foundation. A conceptual breakaway concrete swimming pool design is described herein. It is demonstrated that this pool will withstand everyday factored water/soil loading, but will collapse and break away under extreme wave action, thereby minimizing the detrimental effects of a solid pool. This study was done based on the serious issues of stress remarkable from various institution in Rwanda, especially those who are increasing their life standards in spending their money in hardworking. The main aim is to design public swimming pool appropriate to such organization and uniquely beneficial to the improvement of their health through leisure. It is designed to serve an institution of 200 members approximately within their special guests. The site was visited, and some data were collected. Soil parameters consist of internal friction angle, internal friction angle coefficient and the unit weight of the subsoil. The site visit permits really to select a shaped rectangular pool of public swimming pool. This study did not include bills of quantities which would be another way considered before when deciding the implementation. The results observed in this study is that a selected rectangular swimming pool can be stable for concrete of fcu=30N/m, on stem and key elements T20@300C/C bottom and T10@200C/C top can be used, at T20@280C/C and T10@220C/C bottom and top reinforcement respectively was found at heel, toe can use T12@300C/C and T10@220C/C and slab T10@200C/C and T10@300C/C bottom and top reinforcement respectively. At the end of the study different conclusion and recommendation was highlighted.