Environment Problems Awareness for The Development of the Population of Goma Town


Our research is entitled “Environment problems awareness for the development of the population of Goma town”. The qualitative method have been used with mainly the questionnaire and documentary techniques. The sample of 170 respondents were chosen at random, by ten from each quarter though ten questionnaires were not answered.  The age, sex, and marital status variables were respected. The following results were reached:105 respondents (61.76%) have said that they throw household wastes anywhere or everywhere.35 respondents or 20.59% have declared that they do not have anywhere to put household wastes while 30 (17.65%) have said to put them beside the house. Concerning the volcano eruption warning alert colours (red, yellow, orange, green), 110 respondents, that is, 64.71% have  answered that they don’t know their meanings; 35 (or 20.59%) have said that ‘red’ means war while 25 (or 14.70%) have said that ‘green’ means peace. Yellow and orange were skipped. To the questions why garbage is thrown in the Kivu Lake, 102 subjects, that is, 60% have said they don’t know while 68 (or 40%) have said it doesn’t matter. To the question of the knowledge of touristic places in Goma and around, 120 respondents (or 70.59%) have declared they didn’t know; but 45 (or 26.47%) have answered that only Kivu Lake is touristic while 5 (or 2.94%) have mentioned only Virunga National Park. Recommendations, among them five short poems, are addressed to provincial and national Government authorities, GVO and citizens to more sensitization of the population on the one hand and responsible behavioural self-consciousness on the other.

Keywords: awareness, household wastes, warning alert colours, sensitization, Goma Volcanic Office (GVO), citizens.


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