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Les effets de l’incivisme des enseignants du niveau primaire sur la pratique professionnelle au Burkina Faso : réalités et perspectives

Résumé L’incivisme est un phénomène qui touche toutes les couches sociales au Burkina Faso. En effet, il a atteint un seuil inquiétant et gangrène l’administration publique, les autorités politiques, les parents, les élèves, les enseignants. Cette recherche vise à collecter des informations relatives à l’impact de l’incivisme des enseignants du primaire sur la pratique professionnelle. Abstract

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Strategic Organisational Leadership and its Implications in Higher Education Administration

Abstract Strategic Leadership factors in motivating employees have a serious role in the overall organizational development plan. Leadership communication is an important tool in order to have successful results. Leaders should act in a multicultural environment and design leadership organizational plans in order to perform effectively and create development. This project presents some implications for Abstract

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Sustainable Strategic Directions in Higher Education Administration

Abstract  The complex working environment that we currently leave, create a need for a strategic direction in order to create sustainability. The scope of this assignment is to analysis and evaluates theories in order to be used in the current business environment.  This assignment examines the concept of sustainability in practice, and present sustainable decisions Abstract